The Bubbly Story

Bubbly is a party supplies store in Portugal, but its purpose goes far beyond that.

Our commitment to you goes beyond just getting your purchases to you efficiently and flawlessly. We want to do more than simply sell party supplies.

We want to help you celebrate life!

From the first instant, Bubbly was based on the desire to “create beautiful things”, “provide happy moments” and ensure that “everyone can create unforgettable memories, in their own way”. We exist to help make a difference in your days and “create a life full of joy and color”.

Because life lasts only two days!

Need inspiration for your child's next birthday? Have questions about which items to use for your daughter's princess party?

We are here to help with eveything you need – just send us an email ( ) or “WhatsApp” ( 91 222 51 52 ).

We want to make this journey in complete harmony with you!

We're here to help - to love, celebrate and remember life.

Thank you for everything.


Love, Celebrate & Remember