Children's Party Themes - which one is right?

One of the most exciting parts of planning a children's party is choosing the perfect theme!

The party theme sets the mood, the decor, and even the activities and games you can explore. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to decide which theme to choose!

In the following paragraphs, we explore with you some ideas to help you find the right theme that will make your next party special and memorable.

1. Princesses and Prince Charming

Turn the party into a fairy tale with the theme of Princesses and Prince Charming.

Decorate the space with castles, crowns and magic wands. Ask the children to come dressed as their favorite princesses and princes.

Offer activities like coronation, royal dancing and royal treasure hunt.

2. Adventures under the Sea

Take the kids on an exciting Under the Sea themed underwater adventure.

Decorate the environment with colorful fish, seaweed and sea creatures. Blues, purples, pinks, pearl/cream usually make an excellent color palette.

Depending on the space of the party, it's a great idea to organize games like fishing with a rod, diving contest and a treasure hunt under the sea.

3. Superheroes

Let the little terrorists fly like real superheroes.

Decorate the space with city panels and get everyone capes and masks. Bright, "pop-art" tones - bold blues / reds, yellows, grays / blacks - work really well in this theme.

Organize games like superpower training, obstacle course and a rescue mission.

Here, as in all themes, imagination is the limit.

4. Farm Animals

Create a rustic environment full of joy and fun with the authentic "uncle Manuel" farm!

Decorate the space with farm life colors, balloons and stuffed animals.

Activities like lasso tossing, animal face painting or a burlap sack race are great for helping the gang get into the spirit.

5. Jungle Explorers

Take the kids on an exciting jungle explorer-themed expedition through the jungle.

Decorate the environment with exotic plants, stuffed animals and camping tents.

Organize activities such as a jungle treasure hunt, animal mask making, and a trail adventure.

6. Astronauts in Space

To infinity...and beyond! Let the little ones vibrate with an adventure to the ends of the universe.

Decorate the environment with stars, planets (any round object will do here!) and rockets. Black and blue tones are best suited to create the ambience.

Organize activities such as "space races", building rockets / ships (with cardboard boxes, styrofoam and markers) or setting up an astronaut boot camp with different challenges.

Who knows, you might even get "that" worthy family member to play the friendly ET or the famous Buzz Lightyear and delight the little astronauts.


Choosing the right theme for your little one's party is an exciting part of the organizing process.

We hope these ideas help inspire you!

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Happy celebrations,

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